Tagging and Tracking

Mine Safety Solution

Tagging and Tracking (Mine Safety Solution)

The PBE mine-wide Tagging and Tracking systems are capable of determining the location of equipment, personnel and vehicles. Stationary and portable tag readers (wireless or wired) are available for transmitting data over either leaky feeder communication systems (VHF or UHF) or over existing infrastructure without the need to install a new backbone.

PBE’s Tagging and Tracking System can be used with an Emergency Preparedness System, Automatic Personnel Registration or as Standard hardware and peripherals include:

  • Long range RFID transponders
  • Long range RFID reading stations
  • Position markers
  • Antennas
  • Handhelds and displays
  • RFID activation / deactivation stations
  • Lights and sounders
  • Information displays

Tracking information can be displayed, monitored and controlled using MineBoss™ 2.0.an Access Control System.


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Tagging and tracking
Tagging and tracking

Mine Tracker

  • Alerting system
  • Asset management system
  • Basic and customizable reporting
  • Communication module
  • Electronic tag board
  • Historic playback
  • Map maintenance and real-time updates
  • Muck manager
  • Network diagnostics
  • Real-time tracking
  • Vehicle monitoring and diagnostics

Monitoring and control systems PBE Vintage

Whether you are a mine operator or a member of the management team, knowing the status on all aspects of the operation is critical. The PBE Vantage Mine Wide Monitoring and Control System (MCS) was engineered to centrally monitor and control all aspects of a mining operation, including displaying the location of miners and the status of equipment.
The Mine Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) allow for continuous monitoring of priority systems such as gas levels, air flow, ventilation fans, water pumps, power status and other systems critical to the operation of your mine. PBE Mine Monitoring Solutions allow PBE products or third party sensors to be utilized for continuous monitoring and immediate response to critical and essential mine safety functions.
PBE Vantage software provides real-time and last known location reporting and tracking using imported mine maps. PBE Vantage has the ability to monitor speed, telemetry, oil pressure, temperature and more in vehicles.

    • Real-Time Tracking
    • Historic Playback
    • Electronic Tag Board Compatibility
    • Muck Manager
    • Reports
    • Map Maintenance
    • Alerting System
Monitoring and control systems PBE Vintage
Communication and data systems
Communication and data systems

Communication and data systems

Offer clarity of communication and high-speed data transfer capabilities from the mine surface to the underground levels of your mine.

PBE’s Leaky Feeder System can be tailored to specific site requirements to provide the best radio coverage and data communications. The Leaky Feeder System is a mine radio system that can provide complete communications coverage for your mine site, including above ground site linking.

Leaky Feeder systems have been a proven technology for many decades, although recent innovations enable Leaky Feeder to also become the backbone for vital monitoring and tracking systems.  PBE’s new BDA-4 amplifier not only boosts the signal along the cable but can be used as a tag reader, modem and in-line controller.  Multi-Platform Communications Adaptors allow the BDA-4 to perform as part of an Atmospheric Monitoring System and a Mine-Wide Monitoring System

PBE provides a wide range of radio options for the site, surface and underground linking and mine radio communications, including Motorola, Tait, and Kenwood two-way radios.

PBE also offers PageBoss Paging Telephones that provide clear and undistorted communication across the entire pager phone system with rugged enclosures, handset hangers and mounting brackets.

Proximity Alert System detection technology

Is designed to enhance job site performance through the safety of personnel and equipment

PBE’s multi-range Proximity Alert System (PAS) is designed to enhance workplace safety by implementing the latest equipment and personnel detection technology. The proximity detection system has been developed to prevent injury and possible loss of life due to the operation of heavy machinery near workers or other hazardous materials and obstacles in mining, tunnelling, confined spaces, speciality communication and explosive environments.
Proximity Alert System by PBE is the first proximity detection system to integrate above ground and below ground technologies into one complete solution covering multiple ranges with optimal accuracy. PAS has numerous applications for both surface and underground operations that enhance the operator’s situational awareness enabling a safer and therefore more productive workplace.

Proximity Alert System detection technology